Trusting STRIPLINK with your most delicate regions is something we don’t take lightly. There was a thoughtful and well curated process in securing the materials for the garments.

"We did not want to compromise quality or comfort and spent years securing the most noble materials from Italy and France in order to provide you with a product that is breathable, comfortable AND durable."

We are committed to preserving the mastery of French artisan craft or the French savoir-faire and all of the garments are sewn together in an atelier located in regions throughout Europe with time-tested sewing techniques. The small-scale production of each piece allowed for the highest quality control, ensuring that you receive the best product possible.

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Deep saturated colors are infused with the softest fabrics creating delicate yet strong and timeless pieces, that ambitiously combined succulence and comfort.

The garments are not only unique because their design combines both luxurious cloth and precious metals, coalescing the staple of the thong into a piece of art adorned with jewels. STRIPLINK is singular because its vision demands us to go beyond the normative and tired notions of sexual awakening but instead to serve as a platform for proclamations and positive affirmations.

All of the garments are interchangeable, thus one can buy a garment from our new collection and bind it with a piece of our timeless jewellery from previous collections.


The jewel is carved from stainless-steel finished with PVD coating which is also used on high-end luxury automobiles and Rolex watches.

The PVD coating conserves the longevity of the jewellery and ensures that it maintains its radiance. The brilliance of the pieces is both figurative and physical. The jewelled logo, the heart of the piece, binds the garment holding all of its intricate straps and strings together. It is also detachable, allowing the garment to be safely washed, the jewellery can be bound to other pieces, or carried with you like a protective talisman.

STRIPLINK is a French luxury lingerie brand designed to unleash the vixen in you.

The first collection is taking its eponymous name from the founders Levaï Yatchou and Yonathan Leopold Trichter, artists who grew up seeing black femme and queer sexuality casted as vulgar - something that you had to restrain in order to garner respect.

They saw early that the lack of black and queer representation in the luxury lingerie industry served as a declaration of who deserved to be appreciated and valued and who was not. 

« We are here to wreck havoc on that notion. Everyone is welcome in the world of STRIPLINK. »

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